Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Birthday, Little Button!

Oh, Alétheia Jane, how could we have known how much joy, fun, laughter and delight you would bring to us?  Not that first day, when you were just a sweet little bundle of unknown personhood.  We could never have guessed.

But oh, your personality! You are as sweet as anyone we've ever known and so quick to laugh! You've blossomed from a tiny little stranger to our Little Button - still small and slender, but such a big personality.

Lately you've begun giving hugs to daddy when he asks - which includes crawling over as fast as you can and throwing yourself on top of him, nuzzling his shoulder. Then, without fail, that bubbly laughter follows!  Your favorite thing to do in life is to play with your sister and/or wrestle with daddy. When you get Charis to play with daddy and you on the floor it is a little bit of heaven for you.

You started crawling at 5 months old - early for most babies - and you are fast on your knees. But within the last two weeks you've begun toddling after Big Sister. You took your first steps at 11 months, but have really gotten the hang of it this week. Now you are far more willing to push yourself up and stand on your own....and then take those wobbly few steps across the living room.

You've begun sleeping through the night with no wake ups, which has meant a happy mommy. You and mommy love to rock and sing and snuggle in the rocking chair before naps and night time. You are a singer - and dancer! - too! Your big sister and mommy love to sing and dance, and you will bounce-bounce-bounce to the music. Sometimes you're bouncing to music that no one else would think to dance to, but you sure love it.

You're an expert at Skyping. Sometimes you think the TV is Skype and will chatter away at whatever documentary mommy is watching as though they are going to converse back to you. 

You're going to be our academic. You adore books, and to Mommy and Daddy's delight, you'll sometimes choose to look at books rather than watch Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood with Charis. The most fun for you is bringing a book to Daddy and then, two pages in, grabbing it away and bringing it to Mommy. Two pages in, it is back in Daddy's hands. This goes on as long as Mommy and Daddy will put up with it.

Your Bible Study Fellowship class leaders love you. At your birthday party, your leaders came and held you and snuggled you. Daddy said it was clear that you had captured their hearts. 

And that's what you do,  Little Button. You capture peoples' hearts - in the grocery store, at Bible Study, your aunties and uncles and grandparents. It doesn't matter where we are, you engage people with your giant smile and soft baby voice. No one can resist. Neither can we. Your sister loves you so much, and your mommy and daddy can't imagine life without you. You are so precious to us, Lathie. Happy Birthday, darling girl.


Tracey Heisler said...

Happy birthday, sweet Lathie! You are so loved!

Laura Ward said...

Happiest of birthdays to Aletheia! Though I haven't met her yet, her personality shines through these photos. :) Giving thanks for her life!