Saturday, January 30, 2016

Day Trip to McArthur-Burney Falls State Park

Yesterday Adam was chatting with two co-workers and they expressed their surprise that we hadn't explored the area, especially Burney Falls. They mentioned that it is only a little over an hour away and makes for a really nice day trip.

So this morning Adam suggested driving up with the girls, just to get out of town a bit and enjoy the beautiful area that we live in.

We hastily packed our things up, tucked the girls into their car seats, grabbed a little Starbucks for ourselves on the way out of town -- and we were off!

It was a lovely morning, though a bit cold as we reached the higher elevation of the mountains (about 4,000 ft).

After the drive, Lathie and Charis were both a bit antsy to get outside, so we put on coats and boots and headed down the paths.

I took a lot of artsy nature photos.

I would have taken more artsy photos, but as we progressed, Charis became increasingly concerned when I would lag behind with Lathie and would protest until Adam stopped to wait for us to catch up. Usually this occurred at prime places to stop, such as the bottom of the falls where Adam and Charis were showered by spray or right in the middle of the path where others were trying to navigate down to the various beautiful spots. So, I complied with my eldest daughter's wishes and stayed close behind.

So some of these shots are literally point and shoot shots. But we got them.

Blurry because of the spray - there was a LOT of it!

In looking through the photos, it seems as though Adam carried Charis a lot, but she actually walked most of the time. She loved running around and both she and Lathie were laughing and enjoying being outside.

The falls are 129 feet high and about 100 million gallons of water flow over them every day. The water looks a bit dingy because there was simply so much of it - it's rainy season and in addition we've had above average rainfall. The water was running really fast and high.

Gazing at the giant Redwoods

We went about halfway around the Falls "loop" then headed back for a picnic lunch of cheese and crackers, apples and oranges and "pouches" for the girls. They were both exhausted after the hour or so of walking and hiking, and on the way back, it wasn't 10 minutes before they were happily sleeping, toasty warm in the car.

We had a wonderful day.

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Laura Ward said...

So fun! Love seeing so many pics of your beautiful family. Miss you guys and love you lots!