Thursday, January 21, 2016

Charis Tidbits

It is increasingly clear to this mother that she is unable to remember the adorable (and not so adorable) things her children do even for a few days or weeks. So, on to documenting these fleeting days!

Things Charis is doing:

Singing! She has started to sing along to most every song she hears and knows - she loves "Maria" (The Sound of Music), Zacchaeus and the "OhOh!" Song (from Rain for Roots) and ALL of the princess songs.

She dances along with the Von Trap children and Maria to "Do-Re-Mi" and immitates Julie Andrews at the end of the song, pointed finger and all.

She loves to play "Veil" in which she uses the muslin swaddle wraps as a veil. She's become incredibly proficient at moving in such a way as to make it flow perfectly behind her like a wedding veil.  She especially loves to play "Mommy Veil," when she puts the 'veil' on me. She spends 10 minutes or more making sure the veil is just so. She also has begun pretending the plastic broccoli bunch (from her play food set) is a bunch of flowers. ("Smell, Mommy!")

She's very sweet to her little sister, offering a kiss and hug in the morning and often playing with her. Sometimes she wants to play "Baby Veil." Her mother has deemed this too dangerous for baby.

She's learned quickly to trade out a toy that she doesn't want Lathie playing with. She has begun to let Lathie play more and more with her coveted toys, including the army of princess figurines. Lathie believes that playing equals chewing.

She immitates her mom's exclaimations a lot:
"I'm comin' Baby! I'm comin'!"
"OkOkOkOk!" (when she wants an undesired action to end - such as getting her mouth wiped after dinner)
"Hi BABY!!" (usually when Lathie has awakened from a nap)

She also uses "It's" as a pronoun -any pronoun.

"It's smiling!"
"Lathie is smiling at you?"

"It's hungry."
"You're hungry?"
"yes. Milk."
"Milk Please."
"Milk, please, Mommy!!!" (usually accompanied with jumping.)

Oh, the jumping. All over, the jumping! Thankfully our apartment has a base floor so she isn't as loud when she hops all over the place, but I don't let her jump much upstairs because it is crazy loud.

Charis also can pout a bit, especially when things don't go exactly as she wants. She'll fling herself on the floor, often with a veil over her and lay there until I notice or she moves on. We've noticed her emotional 'outbursts' are often an immitatation of Disney princesses flinging themselves onto benches or beds and weeping (i.e., Cinderella, Aurora).

She's learned that when I say, "Do you understand?" the best response is, "Yes Mom." I, however, am not convinced she knows what it actually means, nor does she intend to comply with whatever demand I've made. She does know, though, that it mollifies me and usually results in a hug and a "good girl!" from her mom.

She is also figuring out that if she gives her mom and dad impish smiles, she usually can get them to laugh and maybe - just maybe - give her what she wants. Which usually means a treat (a gummy vitamin). 

We pray every night "Now I Lay me Down to Sleep," and she repeats the last word of each line: Sleep, Keep, Wake, Take. She also prays each night for God to bless: "MommyDaddy. Laphie. Charis. Teo, Bekok, Sheramy, JD, Caleb and Clolie. LUX! Bin, OhLaLa. GRANMA GRAMPA! AMEN!"
She is enthusiastic.

She and Lathie are sleeping in the same room together, and Charis has done admirably at going to bed quietly and not waking Lathie up. She takes "TWO PRINCESS" to bed each night and also sleeps with the two main veils that she plays with. I use them as flat sheets.

Charis is Two years and 4 months. We love her impish smile. 


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