Tuesday, August 11, 2015

We've Moved!

Porcella Family Update:

The Porcella family is excited to announce that we've moved to Redding, California. Adam accepted the Director of Retention position at Simpson University. He drove from Billings, MT to Redding, taking the northern, scenic route (through Montana, Idaho, Washington and Oregon). We three girls flew about 2 weeks later with my (Hannah's) mom.

The Porcella family has navigated (and is still navigating!) some major transitions: (1) after three incredible years of studying at Geneva College, Adam finished his master’s degree in higher education; (2) we returned to the States and are moving to a new city; (3) Adam started his new job; and, most significantly, (4) we added Al├ętheia to our family! 

The last two months have been full of adjusting to these new transitions, but we are finding our feet. As with all transitions, we miss our incredible friends that remain in the cities we've left: Jakarta and Chattanooga. 

Charis and Al├ętheia have adjusted the easiest, of course, but we are healthy and happy and look forward to settling down during the next years in Redding. 

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