Saturday, September 6, 2014

Birthday Letter from PopPop

Dear Charis,

This is Grandpa Porcella writing, otherwise known as "PopPop".  I would have sent you a letter, using genuine paper but your parents tell me the mailman in your neighborhood doesn't take his job very seriously, which is to say, my letter might never make it to your house.

I hear you have a very nice house.  I hope I will be able to visit you there some time.

I'm also a bit worried you won't get this letter on your actual birthday.  That's partly because PopPop finds it difficult to remember that when my day is just beginning, your's is ending.  You are very far from where I live (Philadelphia).

PopPop's other excuse is that there has been some family excitement going on here, too.  Aunt Chloe and Uncle Dave (and cousin J.D.) received a little baby boy this morning.  His name is Caleb and he is your new cousin.  He was born on your birthday!  That seems like a special birthday present to me.  You'll be sharing this birthday with your cousin for the rest of your life.  I hope that will help to make you special friends.  (You should be a special friend to all your cousins in any case.)

When we last saw you, almost two months ago, we were living in an apartment.  You and your mommy & daddy stayed there with me and Grandma.  We're back in what J.D. Calls "the Big House" now.  The house was broken by a big storm but it's mostly better now.  PopPop and Grandma are happy to be back in the Big House.  We want you to visit us here whenever you can.

I hope you had a fun party today.  I heard it was supposed to be a hoppin' time with lots of people and noise and toys.  I hope you got some fun things to play with.  We wish we could have been there with you.

Well, I'm going to stop writing now.  PopPop likes to write letters but he has to keep in mind that you have the attention span of a (brilliant, of course) one-year-old.

Now you be sure to help your daddy with his schoolwork, and I want you to use all your imaginative powers to keep your mommy & daddy amused and off-balance.  We keep you in our prayers.

Love, PopPop.

P.S.  Grandma will Skype you soon.  She's with Cousin J.D. at his house and I can't get her to pick up her phone.  (But that's pretty normal.)

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