Friday, February 8, 2013

Third Ultrasound

After over a year of excellent care by our fertility specialist, Dr. Jessica G. Scotchie, MD at Tennessee Reproductive Medicine, we said our heartfelt goodbye. We are forever grateful for Dr. Scotchie, her partner Dr. Ringland Murray, MD, and their entire staff at TRM. We also pray to God that we never need to walk into that office again. Yesterday Hannah met for the first time with her new OBGYN, Dr. Daniel S. Harnsberger at the OBGYN Center of Excellence. Hannah and I are both excited to get to know him. Dr. Harnsberger was highly recommended by several of our friends and he is a fellow parishioner at Covenant Presbyterian Church. 
These ultrasounds were taken at Hannah's first visit with Dr. Harnsberger. According to him, all seems well. The second picture shows the top of little Santiago’s head. I think it's amazing that you can actually see the cerebral hemispheres. I also think he or she looks like a little extraterrestrial in the first photo, but Hannah gets angry when I say that.

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