Saturday, January 12, 2013


Dear Friends and Family
This blog will hopefully serve the single important purpose of keeping our family and close friends updated on the little Porcella brewing in Hannah's incubator.
The name The Santiago Chronicle is inspired by my desire to name any son we might have after four generations of Santiago Porcellas in our family. For the following reasons, I know this will never happen:
1. Santiago is a Spanish name meaning "Saint James." And, unfortunately, my sister already took the name James for her first child.
2. The name Santiago Porcella does not sound like the sort of name a Dutch/German kid should have.
3. Hannah's cousin Emily is 100% convinced that it will be a girl.
Recognizing that my child will most likely never be named Santiago after he or she is born, I have decided to give him or her that nickname until that auspicious day. Hence, I present The Santiago Chronicle. 

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